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Why You Need Power Lead System + A Simple Explanation of WTF It Actually Does

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Okay, so we're gonna be really honest here: at first glance, Power Lead System is a hot. mess. BUT, if you can push through the overwhelm of a poorly designed back-end with graphics that look like they were made by 6th graders, a confusing interface, and hours of training videos you need to watch before you find out what it actually is, you WILL find some golden nuggets within their system that really are useful as business marketing tools.

So WTF is Power Lead System? Essentially it's a marketing system in a box that provides you infrastructure to create pretty aggressive email campaigns in order to market your service, brand or widget. The email campaigns look different than what you'd typically set up in a standard ESP (email service provider) like MailChimp or Constant Contact. The main difference is the process:

1. Set up capture lead pages (landing pages where people will put in their email address)

2. Gather email addresses which ignite auto-responders to promote your product

3. Create funnels for other affiliate opportunities or other businesses you want to promote.

This system is NOT EASY, and again, it's not for the faint of heart. The team here at MWMM collectively has over 30 years of successful business and marketing experience; we have college degrees, we have created, bought and sold many businesses, we've launched loads of successful (and unsuccessful!) marketing campaigns, and STILL, we had a terribly difficult time trying to slog through the on-boarding process of Power Lead System. That's the simple truth, folks. We also read like a zillion reviews online on why it's bad or not so great and why it's basically a MLM scheme, and we sat with that info for quite a while as well.

So here's our take:

  • In the affiliate world, "reviews" are a fluid concept because almost all of the "reviews" we read about Power Lead System eventually promoted something the writer thought was 'WAY! BETTER!' so we concluded there isn't a lot of objectivity when it comes to reviewing this platform. Basically, we take these bad reviews with a grain of salt.

  • It seems everyone agrees that the training and back-end are sub-par at best, despite having created a pretty cool business marketing tool. It's like they just can't level with their customers and give us the real tools we need in an easy to digest format. They keep telling you how great it all is, but as experienced marketers we just kept saying "YES! BUT WHAT THE HELL IS IT???" We'd love to offer some female influence in that dept - the site is very 'dude-heavy' and the dryness/abstract sales tactics just don't seem modern or on trend and we feel that ultimately doesn't work in their favor.

  • It's definitely an MLM structure, because if you want to make money selling it, you have to subscribe to it for at least the very basic $30/mo package. You then get commissions from every person you refer (but you don't get downline commissions.) We don't have any issues with MLMs as a general rule. They can be great revenue generators for lots of people if you utilize them well and with intention.

  • Power Lead System is absolutely useful for marketing, and after we dove into the training (again, some of which was vague at best) we're actually really excited to have these tools on hand to promote our business and to start earning money from home.

  • We feel the $30/mo is worth the cost in order to easily set up capture pages and funnel lead systems. We can't vouch for the higher cost programs they promote because we haven't joined them yet.

  • Capturing emails and building your email list is a really smart approach to growing your business and marketing your business, and their tools (once you understand how to use them) are great for this. As a rule, we're not overly aggressive in our marketing strategies and this process has been a great eye-opener to a different way of promoting your product. We appreciate the new perspective.

  • Once you put in the work of setting up your capture pages and writing/refining your emails, the system does the work for you!!! That's a good thing! It never takes a day off, or an hour off, so if someone signs up for your widget at 3am, you know that they'll instantly start to receive a series of emails from you over the course of days or weeks and you literally don't have to lift a finger. Fabulous.

  • They have a private Facebook page with over 45,000 members so something must be working. Obviously, expect a lot of those members to be completely passive, if non-existent, but it does show proof of concept and we appreciate they have an engaged community platform in which to learn and ask questions.

  • They also host loads of "hangouts" for additional training. More honesty here: we've attended none of these. Who has the time? While we are (finally) enjoying using this service, we also have lives and kids and a businesses to run and while we acknowledge that there's likely lots more to learn, we're also realistic in how much time you give to one product. Also, it seems like a lot of the focus is on how to make money reselling this program, which actually does interest us from a financial perspective, but again: there's only so many hours in the day. That said, know that live trainings are there for you.


For now, we are using this system for our own business, and we are also promoting it as affiliates because we really do believe it brings value. If you're interested, sign up, and we'll send you more info.


As a team, we've discussed how Power Lead System could be beneficial for many different types of businesses and brands, such as:

  • Realtors

  • People selling online training and courses; including personal trainers or life coaches who may have several offerings available

  • People selling products through an MLM, as it gives you the opportunity to really push products consistently to your customers, especially if there are uprade/upsell incentives

  • Event-based businesses; if used creatively we think utilizing email capture pages to promote an upcoming event is sort of genius

  • Big ticket items, especially if there isn't much of an online presence or access to information like carpet installation, windows and doors for homes, luxury items, cars, campers/RVs, even vacation packages.


We have to give a special shout-out to Carin Petty's YouTube channel because it literally saved us. Carin took the time to make step-by-step videos on how to get started with Power Lead System and we are so so so so grateful. (See! Women know how to get 'er done!) Go check her out, subscribe and watch her videos. Her enthusiasm and goofy personality will keep you motivated and hopefully push you into using this flawed, but ultimately useful marketing tool and affiliate opportunity - watch her videos and you'll have all the tools necessary to really start making passive income at home.

And one last thing: If our brutally honest overview has gotten you excited to dive in with the knowledge you'll probably have a bit of a learning curve then by all means, click here to get started! Good luck!!

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