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Sell Your Very Own Custom Journals and Planners!

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Have you ever thought about creating your own journal or planner but didn't even know where to start? We found an intuitive, cloud-based software that allows you to design and publish low content books (ie. journals, planners, workbooks) in about five minutes or less!

This software is an EASY and QUICK resource for anyone who wants to create a professional looking printable, but we also think this is a great idea for moms! As we enter this new phase of remote schooling and home organization (brain explodes) and managing our kids mental health, we thought, not only could moms use this as a tool in their homes, but they could easily take this one step further and sell their own books online for a profit - earning money from home made easy! Once you use the program and design your book or journal, it's yours for you to use - print and sell, sell it as a digital download, uploaded it to any marketplace... make that money!

*NOTE: We think this would be great for teachers too!!

Here are some highlights about how this works and why we recommend it:

  • The program is web-based: Nothing to download and works for both Mac and PC

  • It's easy and intuitive: You barely need directions but they include complete training

  • You can repeat content on pages or make it vary, it's literally plug and play. You get to choose from over 100 styles of borders and pages to customize your book quickly and without the stress of finding a designer to help you.

  • You can choose to export the journal as a Word doc OR a Power Point so it's easy to print and easy to share.

Imagine if you sold five different planners at $5 a piece online every day - that's almost $4,000 a month of passive income.

Obviously, this takes a bit of creativity in the content category, but since the set-up is so easy, and the process has a really good amount of hand holding, we know you can do it.


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