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New To Affiliate Marketing? Wealthy Affiliate Has Got Your Back (because the training is AWESOME)

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

If you are starting to dip your toes into the incredibly confusing world of Affiliate Marketing for moms or Network Marketing for moms, chances are you've probably hit a massive wall of overwhelm a couple times by now. As a basic concept, affiliate marketing makes perfect sense: write about things you love, and allow those brands to pay you for doing so. Every major media conglomerate does it, influencers do it, celebs do it ALL. THE. TIME. bloggers have been doing it for ages...so why not you? The problem is, it's not exactly that easy; and like any business - digital or otherwise - it takes a lot of work and comprehensive understanding to get things right.

That's why we love Wealthy Affiliate.

At first glance it looks like another affiliate marketplace, but once you're signed up, you'll see that Wealthy Affiliate is actually more like an affiliate marketing university packed with training videos (so. many. training videos) designed to get you started from ground zero all the way to a fully built, SEO rich, highly targeted website that can start making you money.

You can sign up totally free and take advantage of dozens of training videos right off the bat. And they're good! The tone is kind, easy to understand and encouraging. It doesn't feel like they're peddling snake oil at all, and though the volume of videos may be overwhelming, Wealthy Affiliate has truly broken down all steps to getting started into easily digestible videos so that even the most novice of all newbie beginners can feel confident in taking this direction for additional income.

Additionally, they have a "marketplace" that aggregates hundreds of affiliate programs and then provides all the stats for you to decide whether or not you'd like to join. Members can also rank the programs themselves AND leave reviews so you have real-life insight from real people about infinite affiliate programs. At first it looks like you can join these programs straight from Wealthy Affiliate - which would be such a time saver - but remember it is just an aggregate, and if you see a program you love, it will direct you to the affiliate marketplace so you can join or log in and apply. Even though this extra step is kind of a bummer, we totally appreciate all the info Wealthy Affiliate offers on a seriously insane amount of programs across just about any niche you can imagine.

And last, if you value community and love to get intel from others in your space, then Wealthy Affiliate is a dream scenario. Once you're logged in, it actually feels a lot like a social network. You can live chat, post questions, scroll through updates from other members and basically just immerse yourself in network marketing 24/7.

If you're really starting from scratch and don't even have a website or know how to build a website, we suggest upgrading to the $49/mo program and you can buy a domain and build a website right inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform. They do use Wordpress which we don't love because it can get really confusing (the MWMM team prefers Wix) but if you're patient and follow their steps/videos closely you'll have a new site up and running in no time.

We have learned a ton of great nuggets from this platform and definitely recommend it if you're pursuing affiliate marketing or network marketing. Below is a comparison chart that shows all the benefits you'll have access to as a free or premium member.

Remember: this isn't a silver bullet, but it's darn close! You're gonna have to put in a lot of work to learn the ropes, but you'll have a HUGE advantage at making money from home once you do. Good luck!

(NOTE: MWMM is a member but also an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate; links inside this blog post may result in receiving financial compensation from WA. But we stand behind the program!)

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