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Love Brain Puzzles? You Can Create Your Own Puzzle Books and Sell Them Online For Major Profit!

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Did you know that variety puzzle books are the next Amazon and Etsy book craze, and they are SUPER EASY to create?

Want to learn how to QUICKLY DOMINATE in this PROFITABLE and GROWING niche market, so you can earn meaningful, passive income from home 24/7?

Sign up here for our exclusive email thread and we will show you where you can get all the tools necessary to EASILY create ALL of the most popular brain puzzles adults love.

We’ll send you access to everything you need to build your very own VARIETY PUZZLE BOOKS EMPIRE! (We love empires! Moms need more empires, right??)

If you’re ready to put in the time and creativity to add your personal signature on this super cool niche business, we know you can be super successful!

→ We’re talking about EXPLOSIVE growth!

→ We’re talking about a FAST, EASY & HUGELY PROFITABLE business model!

→ We’re talking about a QUICK & EASY way to EARN CASH month after month after month in this GROWING, HOT MARKET using FREE software!

This is perfect for newbies, authors, publishers, entrepreneurs and YOU! (Even if you’re a stay at home mom with kids running everywhere!)

It is as simple as…

…Choose Your Options.

…Click A Button.


…Upload To Amazon/Etsy/Shopify And MAKE! MONEY!

…And another bonus you can use all these tools to create

personalized gifts for anyone in your life. So fun!

So what are some advantages of publishing variety puzzle books?

  • LUCRATIVE niche market that is evergreen, trending upwards and provides for MILLIONS OF HUNGRY BUYERS!

  • HIGH DEMAND consumable products that will cost you ZERO dollars to create but can sell on Amazon or Etsy WORLDWIDE (and elsewhere) for up to $19.99 each!

  • A niche that does not require a ton of work and provides a growing flow of consistent royalties without you having to spend much time and effort on promotion.

  • A method that is rewarding, creative, straightforward and with minimal effort so that you actually have fun with it.

If you want a flow of residual income that continues to grow…if you want a method that gives you the freedom to earn what you deserve…if you want to capitalize on this HOT and growing trend…then THIS is something you can’t afford to pass up!!

  • Sudoku Puzzles – Sudoku enthusiasts are “fanatical” in their devotion to their “hobby” meaning they are always on the lookout for MORE puzzle books!

  • Crossword Puzzles – These are in almost every newspaper and magazine and have been a staple for puzzle enthusiasts.

  • Word Search Puzzles – Massively popular and continues to be a huge seller worldwide!

  • Freeform Puzzles – Are one of the top types of puzzles that can actually help you relax while you solve them because of their simplicity.

But there are also a TON of other puzzle styles that are also very BIG in the puzzle world AND also PROFIT-MAKING in the publishing world. Some examples are:

  • Kakuro

  • Acrostic

  • Killer Sudoku

  • Kendoku

  • Minesweeper

  • Domino

  • Futoshiki

  • Ladderword

  • Letterdrop

Many of these puzzles have books that are dedicated to just one style of puzzle. Go to any book store and you will see Sudoku books, word search books, crossword books and many more. This is great news for the obsessive Sudoku fan who only wants Sudoku books. Or the Crossword nut who likes to challenge his/her mind every day. But what about the millions of people who just like to solve different puzzles each time? What about the people who like to solve a VARIETY of puzzles depending on what they are in the mood for?

This is where YOU come in! Using what we send you in this email thread, you will be able to create and sell a variety of puzzle books personally curated by you with your own flair. Puzzle books that are IN SUPER HIGH-DEMAND.

The puzzle book niche is MASSIVE and yet it is not that difficult to break into for the first time!

By joining our exclusive email thread we will show you how YOU CAN PROFIT from this high demand market craze by publishing TOP QUALITY, PROFESSIONAL Variety Puzzle Books.

This Simple Business Is PERFECT If…..

…You want to build an income “safety net” while you continue with your day job. Lots of people enjoy their day job but love the idea of earning via other income sources. This is the perfect model.

…You like the sound of creating your own online puzzle book empire and want that steady flow of cash each and every month. Publishing (and particularly puzzle book publishing) is one of the top passive income models online. With so many opportunities to customize it with your own signature style.

…You are sick and tired of struggling financially even after all the hours you put into your work. Oh mama, we feel you.

…You are thinking “I can’t do this” “I can’t write” “I’m not an author” “I hated English.” You will get on famously with this concept because none of those things matter in this profit space.

…You are looking for an online business WITHOUT a steep learning curve. This concept is really an easy to follow manner that you could begin creating a book immediately.

…You do not have a ton of upfront money to invest in a startup online business. There will be some initial investments (all options typically under $100, most under $40) but you buy them once, gather the tools and then use them over and over and over, royalty free, forever.

…You don’t want to be playing around with websites, email lists, technical stuff and anything else that involves hours of learning and practice. While you will need to find a platform to see your wares, setting up an Amazon or Etsy site is ridiculously easy. You got this!

…You are someone who already has self-published books or other downloadables and printables and wants to try something a little different. You should find this method super easy and a fantastic addition to your online book business.

Ready to get started? Sign up here and we’ll be in touch with tips, programs, courses and access to amazing done-for-you kits that will get you up and running in no time.

All you need to do is commit to your future success, shift your brain into that money mindset we believe in so much, and set aside some time do get it going.

And if we've peaked your interest about this super fun and creative market space, check out our options for downloadable coloring books, coloring pages and kid's activity books as well!

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