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Is Online Funnel Marketing Right For You?

If you are anything like me, you are interested in learning (but also skeptical) about online marketing and funnel programs and how exactly you can "Turn $50 into $1000!" or "Make 10k/month by Sharing a Simple Phone Number!" Of course these opportunities would peak your interest if you are looking for at-home income, but when I click through, I just get more confused. What do I have to do? HOW does it work? Why are you yelling at me in this video?

We have had meeting after meeting, watched all the videos, signed up for programs ourselves and we want to share with you all the missing link: It's still marketing. Whether you choose to simply set up a landing/capture page to get leads and sales, or a blog to get traffic (to get leads and sales), or you share a phone number on your social channels... You are selling a product.

Now - there are several ways to do this and many products you can sell. Essentially, what you are doing is using the internet to make an online vending machine. Our friend Bones Rodriguez came up with that terminology and explains it very well in this video.

Basically, you create a landing page (could just be one page, could just be a link with a capture page, could be a whole website...depends on what you are sharing/selling) and then your goal is to get people to it.

There are a ton of great email marketing and lead capture programs out there that not only automate online marketing, but PAY YOU for getting other people signed up. So not only can you easily set up marketing campaigns for whatever you want to sell (including the program itself) but you will earn commission when other people sign up.

Here are a few ideas of who a Lead Capture System could work for:

  • You have a service or product that could benefit from automated emails and lead capture pages. For example, you are part of an MLM, or you have your own coaching business. You would use the program to get more leads and sell your own products and simultaneously sell the program itself.

  • You are involved in your community and know business owners who could use marketing help. You could start by reaching out to local businesses and teaching them how to use the system you are promoting.

  • You can personally share the system via social channels. If this is not comfortable for you, you could create a new account that promotes whatever system or product you want to sell and share the information that way.

The most important thing to realize with a Lead Capture System, is that once you do the set up, you can really benefit from the automation. Here's just one example of how this works:

  1. You sign up to be an affiliate with a program/product you believe in. Let's use One Minute Free Traffic as an example.

  2. You set up a link through a Lead Capture System that sends people to a capture page (because maybe you have no interest in building an actual whole website) and that capture page (where they enter their email) triggers 10 follow up, scheduled, customized by you, emails about One Minute Free Traffic and why they need it for their business. Plus, now you also have their email for future marketing efforts.

  3. You find ways to get that link out there into the world in front of the 4.57 billion people that use the internet. Maybe you share it on social. Maybe you make a YouTube video. Maybe you create a free downloadable PDF that people get when they click your link. Maybe you find online groups that focus on your product category and share your link. This is the marketing part - there is no magic bullet. BUT! You just saved yourself a ton of time by setting up a funnel in an awesome system that will automate your marketing efforts and that you can ALSO promote to those same leads if you choose to and then earn commission.

Becoming an online entrepreneur can be an excellent ticket to financial freedom. From all the investigating we've done, there is significant income potential and you work your own hours. That's the key... it IS work. It takes commitment and creativity to get the actual product or links out there, but again, once you do the initial set up and find a marketing strategy that works for you, you'll be able to get paid while you sit at the park or hang with your family or even on vacation. Passive income is possible with systems like these.

Still interested? You can totally do this!!!!


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