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Get paid to SHARE YOUR GOOD TASTE with the Mavely App

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Okay, so you already know you are an online shopping QUEEN - why not share your discoveries with the world and get paid for your great taste?

The Mavely app lets you earn cash at home by shopping and sharing your favorite products. Mavely brings together a community of women with a network of 200+ sustainable and female-founded retailers. We love the vision and focus of this awesome app, and we know you will too! Shop and share your favorite products while earning cash and rewards on every sale. To get started and to become an exclusive BAND OF MOTHERS member in the Mavely partner program, SIGN UP HERE!!!!

There are a few easy ways to earn money with the Mavely app:

  • Share links to products you love and then earn cash when people buy them

  • Earn shopping cash and in-app features when you meet sales goals

  • Earn $25 in your first 30 days with the Mavely Quickstart Program

Also, when you sign up, you get FREE access to "Mavely University" which gives you tips, details, language to use, techniques and strategies to help you really understand how to use the app to your advantage and EARN big.

Start sharing your products on your blog, IG account, or even just on your personal Facebook feed and start earning cash at home to put towards Christmas presents, birthday presents, or just more treats for you!


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