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A Fun Side Gig for Moms is Selling Cute Digital Downloads

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

For those of us who are (ahem) artistically challenged, the world of digital downloads has been a godsend. For moms especially, creative digital downloads (and Etsy, praise be) give us access to birthday party decorations, personalized labels, coloring pages, signs, photo book pages...and now we're all relying on digital downloads to help with remote learning. So why not make money from home selling easy to create, totally personalized downloads to moms just like you?

Through our research, the team at MWMM has come across a lot of really interesting opportunities from programs that let you create really fun digital downloads you can resell in the form of journals, children's coloring books, coloring pages, puzzle books, bullet journals, instagram graphics and more. And it's not just for kids! Adults LOVE opportunities to doodle, journal, and play games around endless themes...everything from nature to cats to chakras to food.

We've gathered together some of our favorite programs for those of you interested in creating a fun, creative side-gig that is as personalized as your amazing personality. If you're interested in taking affordable courses on how to create and sell digital downloads and coloring books on Etsy, or purchasing easy to use and customize templates to print your own line of products to sell from home like tee shirts, mugs or phone covers, create and sell your own themed journal on Amazon, or just enhance your own website with cool download options, sign up for our exclusive newsletter to receive an incredibly detailed email full of options to grow your side hustle delivered directly to your inbox, with updates sent to you as soon as we discover more opportunities!

We promise you, the hours and hours we've spent vetting these programs will be worth it when you see all the possibilities for earning income through digital downloads.

Have fun, get creative and make that money, mama!

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