About Us


We are the co-founders of Band Of Mothers Media, creators of The Pump and Dump Show, Band of Mothers Podcast and the Band of Mothers App. Since our launch in 2012, our mission has always been is to spread generosity and humor, mom to mom, because we are all doing the best we can. 


Due to COVID-19, we created this site as a resource center where we can continue to support women as they navigate this new world where the kids are home and business is not really “going on as usual.” After researching and finding frustratingly limited information about online, passive income opportunities, we committed ourselves to helping moms sift through the nonsense and providing them with REAL opportunities to make money from home. 


You’ll see that our blog covers products and income opportunities for easy side-gigs, increasing traffic and helping already established home businesses, re-seller and affiliate opportunities, inspiration and mindset articles and resources, as well as coupons/shopping and sharing apps and other ways to empower you to have the income you want and the life you deserve.